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Showcasing the latest achievements, accolades, research, events and stories from the Department of Geography and Urban Studies  in the College of Liberal Arts at Temple University.
Rad Dish Members

The Rad Dish Co-Operative Cafe to Open February 5th

The Rad Dish Co-op, a cooperatively-student-run cafe, has brought together students from a variety of backgrounds at Temple, with one common interest: to serve local, ethical, fair-trade food on campus. Developed out of an independent study project with Allison Hayes-Conroy, a GUS faculty member, students have worked to put together to plan that would not only provide…
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Michele Masucci Named Vice Provost for Research

We are excited to announce Dr. Michele Masucci, Professor of Geography and Urban Studies, has been named the Vice Provost for Research at Temple University. Dr. Masucci joined the Department of Geography and Urban Studies in 1997. During her time at Temple, she has held a several academic and leadership positions including Chair, and was a…
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Intern with the Rad Dish Co-op!

The Rad Dish Co-Op, cafe will be opening this winter in Ritter Annex as a cooperatively-student-run cafe serving food sourced from local, ethical, fair-trade sources. This project has been long in the works, and we are so excited to see it open next semester! The Rad Dish is run by Temple students with a wide…
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Temple University Critical Geography Conference

Hosted by Temple University’s Department of Geography and Urban Studies, the 21st Annual Critical Geography Conference hopes to include a wide array of scholars and activists doing work in critical geography.  This year’s overarching theme connotes an exploration of how we understand, follow, imagine, feel, utilize, yield to and alter the workings of power. Power has…
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Adams book

Professor Carolyn Adams’ “From the Outside In” published this month

“From the Outside In makes a clear and forceful argument, backed up by a wealth of evidence using Philadelphia as a case. Carolyn T. Adams argues that forces outside the city are deeply involved in governing Philadelphia through their central role in the ‘Third Sector.’ No book assesses the Third Sector’s impact for the urban…
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Labaron Palmer

PhD Student Labaron Palmer accepted into the Digital Humanities Program at CHAT

Labaron Palmer, a first-year doctoral student in GUS, has been accepted to the Digital Humanities Program at the Center for Humanities at Temple (CHAT). The title of Labaron’s project is “Digitizing the Middle East & North Africa: An American Perspective” and will investigate explain basic concepts particular to urban geography with an aim in minimizing negative…
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The Value of Geography: A Note from the President of the American Geographical Society

The following is a note from Jerome E. Dobson, the President of the American Geographical Society discussing the contemporary value and importance of geography and geographers in today’s workplace. From the President… Geography in the Workforce: Good News to Share. For more information about the American Geographical Society, visit their website here.