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Distinction in the Major

To graduate with distinction, students must have a 3.5 GPA in their major coursework and a 3.0 GPA overall.

Department Awards

The Adams Prize

The Adams Prize was endowed by contributions from Temple alumni/ae to recognize the service of Dr. Carolyn Adams who returned to teaching in the Department of Geography and Urban Studies after serving seven years as Dean of Temple’s College of Liberal Arts. The Adams Prize, which carries a cash award, is conferred upon a graduating senior student who has demonstrated scholarly excellence and a commitment to studying and addressing urban trends and challenges.

Past Recipients

  • 2016 Elizabeth Coffey
  • 2015 Kimberly Michelle Stanley
  • 2014 Zoë Simpson Dean
  • 2013 Safya O’Rourke
  • 2012 Amelia Carter
  • 2011 Melissa McKrell
  • 2010 Weaver Wess
  • 2009 Peter Chomko
  • 2008 Ryan Weatherholtz
  • 2007 Justin Collins
  • 2006 Tandi Book
  • 2005 Laura Viegas
  • 2004 Ryan Bowers
  • 2003 Joy Semke
  • 2002 John O’Hara
  • 2001 Elizabeth Freitag
  • 2000 Elin Zurbrigg

The Geography and Urban Studies Department Award for Outstanding Achievement

Conferred upon a graduating senior for scholastic excellence.

Past Recipients

  • 2016 Zhenya Nalywayko
  • 2015 Alexander Whitney
  • 2014 Taylor Kimble and Zachary Wall
  • 2013 Linsey Walsh
  • 2012 Dana Dobson
  • 2011 Erica Acuna
  • 2010 Pete Angevine
  • 2009 Lisa Howe
  • 2008 Jacob Winterstein
  • 2007 Kenny Steif
  • 2006 Kathryn Doherty-Chapman
  • 2005 Fatima Adamu
  • 2004 Paul Downie
  • 2003 Judy McCoubrey
  • 2001 Travis Holecki
  • 2000 Elin Zurbrigg
  • 1999 Krista Conklin
  • 1998 Dina Libby
  • 1997 Jenna Allen
  • 1996 Reita Furusawa
  • 1995 Stephanie Wood
  • 1994 Colleen Gasiorowski
  • 1993 Amanda Russell
  • 1992 no winner named
  • 1991 Deborah Webster
  • 1990 Patricia Gavin
  • 1989 Payton Young
  • 1988 Tod Lloyd

The Henry Michael Prize in Geography and Urban Studies

Awarded for outstanding achievement in geographical studies.

Past Recipients

  • 2016 Anthony Bernadzikowski
  • 2015 Jonathan Szczesniak
  • 2014 Ryan Bartman
  • 2013 Yuan Huang
  • 2012 Cedar Peters
  • 2011 Tessa Vithayathil
  • 2010 Natania Schaumberg
  • 2009 Christopher Lee
  • 2008 Christopher Henrick
  • 2007 Douglas Aaron Boice
  • 2006 Lauren Bolinger
  • 2005 Bonnie McCuen
  • 2004 Eugene Bak
  • 2003 Mariko Kondo
  • 2002 Na’Imah Muttalib
  • 2001 Gaetano Piccirilli
  • 2000 Guinevere Pascale
  • 1999 Dina Libby
  • 1998 Raymond Peraria
  • 1997 Jenna Allen

The Delaware Valley Geographical Association Prize

Awarded to an outstanding student in the program.

Past Recipients

  • 2016 Caroline Slama
  • 2015 Samantha Johnson
  • 2014 Kalen Myers
  • 2013 Leanna Arnold
  • 2012 Emily Gleason
  • 2011 Suwantha Reel
  • 2010 Helen M. Guerin
  • 2009 Ariel Goldring
  • 2008 Kathryn DeMarco
  • 2007 Sara Duling
  • 2005 Fatima Adamu, Bonnie McCuen
  • 2004 Imogen Wirth-Granlund and Ryan R. Bowers
  • 2003 Joy Semke
  • 2002 Jonathan Vandergrift
  • 2001 Gaetano Piccirilli
  • 2000 Noel Lojeski
  • 1999 Breai Mason

Benjamin H. Kohl Memorial Award

Established by the Department of Geography and Urban Studies in honor of Ben Kohl, former professor and Undergraduate Chair, in recognition of his extraordinary commitment to undergraduate students as well as his scholarship and commitment to social justice.  This prize is awarded to a Department of Geography and Urban Studies student who has demonstrated an outstanding record of service and scholastic achievement in promoting social justice.

  • 2016 Francesca Postiglione
  • 2015 Lena Powell

The Patrick Stocking Memorial Prize for Cartography

The Patrick Stocking Memorial Prize for Cartography was established in 1987 at Temple University in Philadelphia, where Patrick had begun to realize his dream of becoming an exceptional map-maker. It is one of the major academic prizes awarded to undergraduate students annually in the Department of Geography and Urban Studies. The prize consists of a book award and a cash award of $1000.00.

Most of Patrick’s life was spent as a student, and he was only too aware of how difficult it can be for students who have no private or family means of support to pursue their educational goals. Whenever Patrick was asked if he needed anything, his immediate response was always “send money!” The prize is awarded every year to cartography students who excel in map-making and academic performance. It is a fitting memorial to Patrick for whom scholarship was so important, and it serves as a reminder of his love for maps and map-making.

To make a contribution to the fund visit our Alumni and Giving page.

Past Recipients

  • 2016 Samantha Schuetz
  • 2015 Kamol Sarker
  • 2014 Elizabeth Janczewski
  • 2013 Alison Merrick
  • 2012 Cailin Bean
  • 2011 Aaron Fraint
  • 2010 Erin McCann
  • 2009 Greg Wetmore
  • 2008 Fatima Abbas
  • 2007 Megan Witwer
  • 2006 Elena Botkin-Levy and Kevin Musselman
  • 2005 LaVar Askew
  • 2004 Justin Buehrig
  • 2003 Christopher Angus
  • 2002 Jonathan Vandergrift
  • 2001 Sara Rose Wellington
  • 2000 Noel Lojeski
  • 1999 Shingo Akasaka and Stephen Walsh
  • 1998 William Kampf
  • 1997 Raymond Peraria
  • 1996 Michael McGlone
  • 1995 Charlene Howard
  • 1994 Wilden Kelly
  • 1993 Aki Irie
  • 1992 no winner named
  • 1991 Christopher Salvatico
  • 1990 no winner named
  • 1989 Shawn Mara

Environmental Studies Award

This award is given by the Environmental Studies Program to a graduating student who has excelled academically, completed projects and maintained involvement in extracurricular environmental activities.

  • 2016 Jessica Waldinger
  • 2015 Katherine Ament
  • 2014 Ryan Polzer
  • 2013 Annie Preston
  • 2012 Sarah Franz
  • 2011 Korin Tangtrakul

CLA and Temple University Accolades

College of Liberal Arts Information Technology Award

Established in 2009 by Marc Getty, this award is given to a graduating senior in the College of Liberal Arts who has excelled in the use of technology in his or her coursework during his or her educational tenure at Temple University.

  • 2016 Jacob Bouffard

Allan D. Gilmour Scholarship

Established in 2005 by former Temple University President Dr. David Adamany in honor of Allan Gilmour, former vice chairman of the Ford Motor Company and a leading advocate for LGBT rights, this fund provides scholarships for students who have been effective advocates for gay and lesbian causes.

  • 2013 Zachary Wall

Marks and Emma Kohn Memorial Award 

Established by Walter and Anita Kohn in memory of Mr. Kohn’s parents, to be given to an outstanding student in the College of Liberal Arts.

  • 2012 Sierra Gladfelter

Irving J. Ledger and and Beatrice Deglin Leder Award

Established in memory of Irving J. Leder and in honor of Beatrice Deglin Leder (EDU ’42), this award is given to a graduating social sciences student in the top five percent of the class who has demonstrated an affinity for community service and a love of humankind.

  • 2006 Mattew Peter Goldfine

Library Prize in Sustainability

  • 2015 Katherine Ament, “Exploring the food hub network of Philadelphia”

Livingstone Undergraduate Research Award in Sustainability and the Environment

  • 2016 Joseph Gallagher, “The Mobilization of the Environmental Justice Movement in Louisiana: EJ Disputes and Grassroots Organizing in the Mississippi Industrial Corridor”

Ellen Stover Northup Award in International Studies

Established by E.S. Northup, friend of Temple University, this award is given to outstanding College of Liberal Arts students to defray costs of studying abroad for one semester, with preference given to students who have not studied abroad before.

  • 2015 Samantha Schuetz

John Trone Scholarship

Established by John Trone (CLA ’79), this scholarship is given to College of Liberal Arts students who have graduated from a public school in York County, Pennsylvania. Preference is given to students who have graduated from West York High School or Spring Grove High School.

  • 2016 Taylor Johnson, 1st Prize
  • 2016 Michael McKelvy, 1st Prize

Naomi Zelnick Award

Established in 2007 by family and friends in memory of Naomi Zelnick, this award is given to a non-traditional, self-supporting College of Liberal Arts undergraduate student who is older than 25. Preference is given to female students.

  • 2015 Caroline Slama