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Jessica Roney

Welcome Jessica Roney

Jessica Choppin Roney received her BA at Swarthmore College, her MA at the College of William and Mary, and her PhD from Johns Hopkins University.  Her book, Governed by a Spirit of Opposition:The Origins of American Political Practice in Colonial Philadelphia, forthcoming in the fall of 2014, demonstrates the vitality of voluntary associations in colonial Philadelphia as an a way for ordinary men to engage with and craft policies in their community, shaping the course of revolution in Pennsylvania.  She has begun work on a second book, tentatively titled, A Revolutionary Inheritance, about settler societies on the US frontier and in Canada in the first decades after the American Revolution.   Her scholarly and teaching interests include the social, cultural, and political history of early America and the Atlantic world.  She is organizing a global conference on port cities in the age of sail (1500-1800) in the fall of 2015.