AlumniMeet Jon Kohl, Class of 2013, History and Film/Media Arts double major


Jon Kohl - Portrait

Meet Jon Kohl, Class of 2013, History and Film/Media Arts double major

What better place to study American history than Philadelphia? During my time in Temple’s History program, I learned that this town is the place to immerse oneself – that Philadelphia itself is a microcosm of our nation and its past, present, and future. It is all there – and sprawling across a landscape of three and a half centuries, one need not look very hard. Such an inspirational learning environment led to opportunities I could never have anticipated.  Before long, I had supplemented my undergraduate coursework with a student-worker position at Temple’s very own Special Collections Research Center (better known as the Urban Archives). There, I was introduced to working in public history and archival preservation. I assisted researchers and handled audio-visual materials from the archives’ collections related to Philadelphia’s own rich history. From there, I became acquainted with the many research institutions across the city. Upon graduation, I joined a local filmmaking team, History Making Productions, to become a producer of their educational documentary film series, Philadelphia: The Great Experiment. This is a multi-part project for broadcast and broadband – the first of its kind – to tell Philadelphia’s history from the Lenni Lenape to the present. I specialize in graphic research and the gathering of archival images and footage for the series.

Temple’s History program shaped the path I was on; it allowed me to transform an introverted passion into a tangible livelihood. And in the same manner in which I believe that the past created the present that determines the future, I now understand how crucial it is to build a foundation on the assets of a university like Temple and a city like Philadelphia to create a future for oneself.

Jon Kohl

Associate Producer, History Making Productions

Temple University CLA Class of 2013

B.A. Film & Media Arts and History