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Matthew Daley

Meet alumnus Matthew Daley: writer of the Lantern City comic book series and the upcoming The Not-So Secret Society

During my first semester at Temple University, I enrolled in a course with Dr. Peter Gran and learned immediately that History was not about memorizing dates or knowing about the major players during “important” events. History, instead, is about asking the right questions. By learning how to ask pertinent questions, you learn the other skills vital to being an historian: research, writing, close reading, annotating, interviewing, and so on. These skills can be applied to any field. My experiences as a History major prepared me for my first professional writing job (writing and researching a documentary) and the skills I developed have equipped me to succeed on every assignment.

Crider 2015 Pic

Meet Jon Crider, a current PhD Candidate

Jon Crider, a current PhD Candidate, recently accepted a position at Knox College in Illinois as the Director of the McNair Scholars Program.  While at Temple, Jon worked as a TA and Instructor for the Department of History and tutored in the Writing Center.  Jon hopes to defend his dissertation “Printing Politics: The Emergence of Political Parties, 1821-1861” in the next year.