AboutWhy Major in History?

Because you want to understand today; because you want to know about the wars and revolutions, the mishaps and the cataclysms, the discoveries and failures, the heroes and the average people that led us to where we stand today!

The Department of History in the College of Liberal Arts at Temple University offers a range of courses in American, African, Asian, European, and World history. You will receive personal attention from our prize-winning faculty – did you know that the average class size for our upper level courses is just 17 students?  Our faculty and advisors will work with you to meet your educational needs and prepare you for whatever path you are seeking after graduation.  Perhaps the most marketable skills you will obtain in History classes are the ability to think critically and to read and write well, skills that are valued by all employers and graduate programs. Our students master the ability to develop original and imaginative questions, formulate research strategies, and clearly articulate an argument and both support and sustain it with reliable evidence. Our majors work hands-on with historical documents and artifacts, and participate in discussions of historical and current events. Recent graduates have been accepted to graduate schools such the University of Chicago, Princeton, and Vanderbilt, and have secured jobs in government, teaching, think tanks, and a wide range of companies.