Dissent in America Teach-Ins

Dissent in America Teach-ins
Senator Leach discussing his bill to legalize marijuana in Pennsylvania. Photo credit: Dissent in America Teach-ins Facebook.

Evolving from Professor Ralph Young’s Dissent in America course and co-sponsored by the History Department and the History Honors Society Phi Alpha Theta, each Friday since September 2002 students gather to discuss the historical background to the current political situation in the world.

The Teach-ins are held Fridays, 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm, Anderson Hall 821.

Upcoming Events:

September 19 – Professor Ralph Young Presents

September 26 – Professor Roman Cybriwsky Presents

October 10 – Professor Jay Lockenour Presents

October 24 -Professor Anne B. Shlay Presents

To learn more about the teach-ins, see:

  • the article “The Right to Dissent” in the 2003 Philadelphia Inquirer article, History Scholars Fight Present War .
  • The Associated Press & WPVI Channel 6 report on the Oct. 15, 2004 teach-in. The AP article was published in over 50 news sources including CNN, The Washington Post, The Guardian, New York Newsday, The Miami Herald, The Chicago Sun-Times & many others.
  • Professor Young’s article on dissent in the July 2004 issue of USA Today Magazine.
  • An article about the teach-ins in the March 2010 issue of the AHA’s Perspectives on History