FacultyMichael M. Eisman

Associate Professor

851 Gladfelter Hall
1115 W. Berks Street,


Attic Pottery for Economic History, Art and Culture in Modern Europe


I would define myself as a cultural historian who has specialized in the use of archaeological source material. Most of my research has been directed towards establishing patterns of Mediterranean trade in antiquity with a special emphasis on the sixth century B.C. I am a specialist in the study of Attic vase painting although I have published on urban development and historiography. In recent years I have been developing courses in Art and Culture in Modern Europe and have delivered and published one study in this field at present. I have regularly published articles and notes dealing with Attic pottery.

Select Publications

  • “Dio and Josephus: Parallel Analyses” Latomus 36 (1977) 657-673.
  • “Archaic and Early Classical Red-Figure Vases” Israel – People and Land (Eretz Israel Museum Yearbook, Vol 7-8 (25-26) New Series), 1990-1993, 67-82;11*-12*, (in Hebrew).
  • “Workshop Definition of the Nikosthenic Atelier” The Ancient World, 39 (2008) 37-54.
  • “Lydos and Company” The Ancient World, 42 (2011) 64-92.
  • “Dancing for Dionysos: A Review Article” The Ancient World, 43 (2012) pp. 68-82.
  • “Puccini’s Women” ATINER Papers ART2013-0444 pdf (http://www.atiner.gr/papers.htm), edited version forthcoming in print.

Courses Taught

  • Western Civilization I and II (regular and honors sections)
  • Survey of the Ancient World (graduate)
  • Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt
  • Historical Background of the Hebrew Bible
  • Ancient Greece
  • Greek Historical Inscriptions
  • Greek Archaeology
  • Greek Historiography
  • Monumental Development of Ancient Athens
  • Ancient Rome
  • The Roman Empire
  • The Augustan Settlement (graduate)
  • The Etruscans
  • Monumental Development of the City of Rome (ancient)
  • Herod the Great
  • Turning Point in the Ancient World
  • Introduction to Third World History (ancient)
  • English Composition, Intellectual Heritage (regular and honors sections)
  • Art and Culture in Western Europe (Romanticism 1795-1850)
  • Art and Culture in Western Europe (1850-1914)
  • Art and Culture in Western Europe (1905-1960)