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Peter Lavelle

Welcome Peter Lavelle, Assistant Professor of History

The department is excited to welcome Peter Lavelle as an Assistant Professor of History. He received his Ph.D. in Chinese history from Cornell University in 2012. In 2013-2014, he was postdoctoral research fellow at the Institute of Modern History at Academia Sinica, in Taipei, Taiwan. His research interests include environmental and agricultural history in early…
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Public-history partnership leads to full-time work for Temple graduate

Seth Bruggeman, director of Temple’s Center for Public History, has long seen Philadelphia as a living, vibrant classroom. He has sent his students to study at the Eastern Penitentiary Prison and brought a roaming, interactive museum to the Philadelphia neighborhood of Kensington. Now, he is collaborating with the Print Center—an art gallery and education center…
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Temple exhibit drives home local history

“Manufacturing Fire”, the debut exhibit of the Philadelphia History Truck, opened Friday, documenting a people’s history of East Kensington. Temple University hopes to make the student-run project part of its permanent curriculum, and it may be a national model. Read full story. Jordan Klein, left, Exhibition Planning and Design Consultant, and Erin Bernard, right, Founding…
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History major awarded Philly Fellowship

History major Jane Allen has been awarded a highly competitive and prestigious Philly Fellowship, a one year fellowship that links top area graduating college students with full-time paid work in key non–profit organizations.  Allen wrote her senior honors thesis on the history of housing policy in Philadelphia.


Temple professor talks to NPR about history of conjugal visits

Heather Ann Thomspon, associate professor in the departments of History and African American Studies, recently joined National Public Radio’s Tell Me More to discuss the history of conjugal visits in light of Mississipi’s decision to end that program. Read full article or listen to podcast.

Courtesy of Evan Birnholz In his spare time, Temple graduate student Evan Birnholz constructs crossword puzzles. He is the author of the New York Times Crossword for Oct. 3.

History Ph.D student is author of NYTimes Crossword for Oct 3

The New York Times crossword puzzles are known for their difficulty. However, for second-year history Ph.D. student Evan Birnholz, simply solving the puzzles was not enough of a challenge. Birnholz wanted to take his efforts to the next level and decided to create his own crosswords. Appearing in today’s edition, following countless hours spent crafting questions and…
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Dissent in America Teach-ins

Teaching History Sixties Style at Temple University

Ralph Young, March 2010 Students Use Teach-ins to Make Sense of the Post 9/11 World In September 2002 I began teaching at Temple University a new history course—Dissent in America—that I had developed. My thesis was that dissent is central to American history, that the nation, indeed, was founded on dissent. In the 17th century,…
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Dissent in America Teach-ins

Veteran earns dissenters' respect at 'teach-in'

Tuesday, October 19, 2004 Posted: 10:57 AM EDT (1457 GMT) MARYCLAIRE DALE Associated Press PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (AP) — Late on a Friday afternoon, as other college students get an early start to their weekend, about 100 students gather in a ninth-floor classroom at Temple University to hear a young Marine officer discuss his time in…
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