General Resources

Awards and Scholarships

The Department of History has a number of awards available to undergraduate and graduate students. Learn more.

Dissent in America Teach-Ins

Evolving from Prof. Ralph Young’s Dissent in America course, students gather to discuss the historical background to the current political situation in the world. Learn more.


Studying History: A How-To Guide for Undergraduates

The Studying History: A How-To Guide for Undergraduates provides tips and resources including:

  • Top Ten Tips from T.As.
  • Skills for History Students
  • How to Read History
  • How to Write an Essay Exam
  • Citations of Sources


Graduate Financing Opportunities

The Department of History has several financing opportunities available to graduate students including teaching assistantships, university-awarded fellowships, dissertation completion grants and appointments as part-time instructor the department  Learn more.

The Comprehensive Exam: Strategies for Success

The “Comps” are an occasion for students to demonstrate their analytical acumen and to apply what they have learned in their coursework, teaching, research, writing, and comps preparation. Learn more.

The James A. Barnes Club

The purpose of the James A. Barnes Club is to foster a sense of community among the graduate students in the History Department. Learn more.