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22 Aug 2012

PCNTV airs multi-part series on The Temple Papers on the Pennsylvania General Assembly

Beginning September 10 and running through September 13, PCNTV will air a multi-part series on The Temple Papers on the Pennsylvania General Assembly each night at 7pm. The papers explore the Assembly’s history, achievements, and evolving constitutional ground rules.  They also survey changes in legislative structure and practice under discussion by experts, critics, and legislators themselves in Pennsylvania and across the nation as possible remedies to public discontent about governance in America.  Requested and funded by the Heinz Endowments and the William Penn Foundation, the five-volume series is available below.

Volume I: The Pennsylvania General Assembly Before and After the 1968 Legislative Modernization Commission: The Evolution of an Institution

Volume II: The Pennsylvania General Assembly’s Greatest Achievements and the Parties’ Roles in Enacting Important Laws: 1968-2008

Volume III: The Rules of the Game: How the Constitution Affects Lawmaking in Pennsylvania

Volume IV: A Discussion of Topics Related to the Continuing Evolution of the Pennsylvania General Assembly

Volume V: Literature Review: Findings from Academic Research on State Government Institutions and Reforms