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Fall 2011: Campaigns and Elections Speaker Series

Fall 2011 Monday, September 19, 2011: Brandice Canes-Wrone, Princeton University “Judicial Selection and Death Penalty Decisions” Monday, October 3, 2011: Costas Panagopoulos, Fordham University “Turning Out, Cashing In: Extrinsic Rewards, Intrinsic Motivation and Voting” Wednesday, October 12, 2011: Patrick Egan, New York University “Priorities, Performance, and Policies: The Unexpected Origins of the Parties’ Issue Reputations” Monday, October 24,.. read more →

Spring 2011: Campaigns and Elections Speaker Series

Monday, February 7, 2011: Amy Lerman, Princeton University “Policing Citizenship: Political Consequences of Criminal Justice” Monday, February 21, 2011: David Redlawsk, Rutgers University “Why Iowa?” Wednesday, March 23, 2011: Gerry Mackie, UCSD and Princeton University “An Examination of the Expressive Theory of Voting” Monday, April 4, 2011: Mark Franklin, European University Institute “The Structuring Effect of Nationwide Elections for Executive Office”.. read more →

Fall 2010: Campaigns and Elections Speaker Series

Monday, September 20, 2010: Mark Blumenthal, “Can I Trust This Poll?” Wednesday, October 13, 2010: Eric Plutzer, Pennsylvania State University “Policy Responsiveness to Public Opinion When Governance Is Shared: A Multilevel Perspective” Monday, October 25, 2010: Midterm Election Roundtable A discussion on the possible outcomes and political implications of the midterm elections with Temple political science.. read more →

Spring 2010: Campaigns and Elections Speaker Series

Monday, January 25, 2010: Larry Bartels, Princeton University “The Next Republican Majority” Thursday, February 18, 2010: Rogers Smith, University of Pennsylvania “Still a House Divided?: The Present and Future of American Racial Politics” Monday, March 1, 2010: Lee Ann Banaszak, Pennsylvania State University “Connecting Public Opinion and Social Movement Events: The Case of the U.S. Women’s Movement” Monday,.. read more →

Fall 2009: Campaigns and Elections Speaker Series

Monday, September 21, 2009: Jack Nagel, University of Pennsylvania “The US Electoral College and the Probability of Disputable Outcomes under Direct and Indirect Elections” Wednesday, October 7, 2009: Richard Valelly, Swarthmore College “Why the Reed Rules?: The Post-Reconstruction South, Republican Party-Building, and Congressional Development” Monday, October 26, 2009: Kira Sanbonmatsu, Rutgers University “Gender and Election to the State.. read more →

Spring 2009: Campaigns and Elections Speaker Series

Thursday, May 7, 2009: James Campbell, University at Buffalo “Re-evaluating the Theory of Surge and Decline: Seat Change Requires Competition” Monday, April 13, 2009: Paul Brace, Rice University “Judges, Litigants and the Design of the Courts” [paper] Monday, March 30, 2009: John Lapinski, University of Pennsylvania “Lawmaking and Policy Substance” Monday, March 16, 2009: Jeff Cohen, Fordham University “The.. read more →