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CORP Policy Brief: Hard Choices Ahead for PA School Districts

A recent policy brief from the Center on Regional Politics, “Hard Choices Still Ahead,” forecasts the fiscal future for all 500 school districts in PA for the period 2015-16 through 2019-20. The brief and supporting interactive graphics and maps project budget shortfalls that will require program cuts, higher taxes, or a combination of the two.. read more →

15 Mar 2017

New Members Roundtable, PA Capitol | January 24-25, 2017

The Pennsylvania Policy Forum, in cooperation with the bipartisan leadership of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, welcomed new members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly for a two-session roundtable January 24 and 25. The program focused on a history of the General Assembly, the role of the Constitution in lawmaking, and the nuts and bolts of the.. read more →

30 Jan 2017

CORP Policy Brief – Understanding Tax Effort and Capacity and Public School Funding

Many states incorporate measures of tax capacity and tax effort in their school funding formulas so the state government has a rational basis for providing additional aid to school districts with fewer local resources to fund schools.  Pennsylvania historically has used the market value of real estate as an important element in measuring school district.. read more →

23 Apr 2015

American Politics and Policy Seminar – March 27, 2015 with Chris Bonneau

Chris Bonneau, associate professor of political science at the University of Pittsburgh, will give a talk on campaign spending in judicial elections, “War Chests as Entry Deterrence with Strategic Delay.” read more →

19 Mar 2015

CORP’s latest: Statistical Supplement Comparing Unassigned Fund Balances and Aid Ratios for PA’s School Districts

This spreadsheet supplements CORP’s Policy Brief explaining school district fund balances.  It shows all 500 school districts by the percentage their unassigned fund balances represent of their FY 2012-13 total expenditures, ranking them from largest to smallest.  Caution should be used in interpreting the significance of unassigned fund balances for individual districts based solely on these rankings,.. read more →

27 Aug 2014

CORP Commentary: How to Fund Schools and Public Pensions

Review CORP’s latest commentary on the school funding and pension crisis facing Philadelphia.  The statement,“How to Fund Schools and Public Pensions: A Path for Philadelphia, a Model for the State?” is now available here and under CORP’s publications. read more →

22 Aug 2013

Update on PA Capital Semester Alums

Our PA Capital Semester students are an impressive group.  Read about what the program has done for some of our students. read more →

Temple Center on Regional Politics and The Pew Charitable Trusts to hold Philadelphia Tax Symposium May 3

The event will feature tax-policy experts, business and community leaders, government officials, and a group of bi-partisan city and state elected officials. A first panel discussion, moderated by Steve Highsmith, host of NBC 10’s weekly program, NBC10 @Issue, will focus on Philadelphia’s tax structure, tax policy, and various ideas for changing them. The second panel discussion,.. read more →

29 Apr 2013