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IPA’s Scholarships to the GOP and Democratic Conventions in the News

Hundreds of college students from across the nation will be coming to Temple University to participate in a unique, two-week, total-immersion educational experience during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next summer. Scholarships are still available for students to attend the DNC in Philly and the RNC in Cleveland. Read more in Temple Now. read more →

19 Nov 2015

Summer 2016 DNC and RNC Internships

Through the Institute for Public Affairs’ relationship with The Washington Center (TWC), a well-respected and long-standing educational institution in Washington, DC, Temple students can apply for internships at the DNC and RNC, and with The Washington Center itself for July 2016.  TWC’s National Convention academic seminars (with the DNC and RNC) remain the only programs of.. read more →

21 Oct 2015

PA Capital Semester Students Meet with Lt. Gov. Mike Stack

The Fall 2015 class of PA Capital Semester students had the honor of meeting with Lt. Gov. Mike Stack recently in his office on the second floor of the Main Capitol Building in Harrisburg.  The PA Capital Semester offers students full immersion in state politics in policy through internships in the legislature, executive branch, media.. read more →

David Axelrod, Former Advisor to President Obama, Visits Temple

Political consultant and former senior advisor to President Obama, David Axelrod, addressed more than 200 people at Temple University’s Sullivan Hall Wednesday, September 9. Axelrod told the audience of students, faculty, and other invitees, that after 40 years in politics and political journalism, he still believes in the American system of governance and elections. Elected.. read more →

18 Sep 2015

CORP Policy Brief – Explaining School Fund Balances

This policy brief summarizes fund balances for Pennsylvania’s 500 school districts as of the close of fiscal year 2013-14. It updates the policy brief summarizing such balances for fiscal year 2012-13, published by CORP last August. Accompanying this year’s brief  are fund balances for all 500 districts, as well as for charter and technical schools,.. read more →

25 Jun 2015

Presentations from CORP Education Finance Symposium – May 6, 2015

Find the presentations from the Center on Regional Politics symposium on lifting student achievement to grow PA’s economy in Harrisburg on May 6, 2015. Key Findings: Pennsylvania could realize up to $5 billion in additional annual economic growth by closing school performance gaps, according to the ground-breaking RAND study presented by senior economist Lynn Karoly, but.. read more →

28 May 2015

CORP Policy Brief – The Fiscal Future of PA’s School Districts

Key Findings: Most school districts in Pennsylvania will not have sufficient revenues over the next three years to support their mandated and necessary expenditures. Sixty percent of the districts in the state will face severe and prolonged program and staff reductions to balance their budgets, which will reduce the quality of education in those districts and.. read more →

14 May 2015

CORP Policy Brief – Understanding Tax Effort and Capacity and Public School Funding

Many states incorporate measures of tax capacity and tax effort in their school funding formulas so the state government has a rational basis for providing additional aid to school districts with fewer local resources to fund schools.  Pennsylvania historically has used the market value of real estate as an important element in measuring school district.. read more →

23 Apr 2015

CORP Policy Brief – How Did PA Get from over 2,000 School Districts to 500?

As the Pennsylvania General Assembly grapples with the difficult task of reforming the formula for supporting the Commonwealth’s 500 public school districts, a century-old question has arisen: Do we have too many school districts? Could we make better use of limited resources if the legislature were to require, or incentivize, consolidation? Whatever the policy or.. read more →

02 Apr 2015

PA Capital Semester Alumni News

Read about recent PA Capital Semester alumnus, Ryan Lim, and other grads of the program here. Ryan was in the program in spring 2014 and now works in the Office of State Rep. Kevin Boyle. read more →