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Spring 2009: Campaigns and Elections Speaker Series

Thursday, May 7, 2009: James Campbell, University at Buffalo “Re-evaluating the Theory of Surge and Decline: Seat Change Requires Competition” Monday, April 13, 2009: Paul Brace, Rice University “Judges, Litigants and the Design of the Courts” [paper] Monday, March 30, 2009: John Lapinski, University of Pennsylvania “Lawmaking and Policy Substance” Monday, March 16, 2009: Jeff Cohen, Fordham University “The.. read more →

The Temple Poll- October 30, 2008

Download: Principle of Divided Government Popular in Pennsylvania, But Potential Impact Limited. read more →

30 Oct 2008

The Temple Poll- October 28, 2008

Download: Corbett Has Advantage in PA Attorney General Race, But Outcome Will Hang on Coattails. read more →

28 Oct 2008

The Temple Poll- October 27, 2008

Download: Obama Leads in Pennsylvania: Will Enthusiasm Balance Experience Among Voters on Election Day? – The Temple Poll shows Senator Obama leads Senator McCain in PA 50% to 41% among Pennsylvanians likely to vote in the November 4 election. read more →

27 Oct 2008