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Founded in 1967, Temple University Institute for Survey Research is one of the oldest and most prestigious academic survey research centers in the U.S., with more than 40 years of experience conducting national, state, and local surveys, statistical research, focus group research, needs assessments, and program evaluations.

We are one of only three academic survey research centers in the U.S. with the historical experience of implementing national computer-assisted in-person surveys. We are known for the consistently high quality of our work, our high response rates, and our expertise and success in tracing longitudinal study participants.

We collaborate with faculty and other researchers around the country and the world on surveys and evaluations across a broad range of fields, topics and populations.

Research Experience:


AAPOR - American Association for Public Opinion Research

AASRO - Association of Academic Survey Research Organizations

ACS - Association for Computer-assisted Surveys

WAPOR - World Association for Public Opinion Research

Ongoing Collaboraters:

Mansour Fahimi, Ph. D.
Sampling Statistician