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2012 Summer Research Institute

International Exchange Internship

Web-Survey Design and Implementation

Course Objectives:

Survey research is the scientific study of making inference about a population by using estimates from samples. From start to finish, this includes defining a population, acquiring sampling frames, designing sampling plans, data collection efforts, sample weighting, data analysis and reporting. Following these steps allows researchers to gather valuable information from a sample of individuals that are representative of the population to be studied. Survey research spans numerous disciplines, including but not limited to Marketing, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Demography, Public Health and Criminal Justice. The Institute for Survey Research (ISR) aims to provide an overview of basic survey research, namely its origins, components, types, and recent developments in web-surveys. Upon completion of this overview, students will engage in a practicum which will entail meeting with clients, questionnaire development, web-survey design, survey administration, data analysis, and report writing. At the conclusion of the institute, students will learn about future directions for web-survey research.


Carlena Orosco
Research Assistant

Reading and Topic Schedule:




Week 1

Overview of Survey Research and Survey Design

Reading packet (see below for order)

Week 2

Survey Design, Interviewing Clients, Client Meetings

Conduct client meetings, design web survey

Week 3

Survey Implementation and Data Collection

Launch survey, collect survey responses

Week 4

Data Analysis, Examination of Results and Documentation for Final Report

Analyze results and compile findings, complete final report

Week 5

Takeaway Points, Recommendations and Future Directions for Survey Research



Special thanks to Heidi Grunwald, PhD; Manging Director, Institute for Survey Research and Frank Cheng-Shan Liu; Director, National Sun Yat-sen University Survey Center for their efforts in coordinating the launch of the international exchange program.

And thanks to our summer interns: Chiao-Yi Tian, Yi-Chen Cheng & Yuan-Yu Fu for their remarkable contributions to both survey institutions.