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To: All CLA Academic Listserv Administrators
From: Vinodh Ganesan, Assistant Director of Information Technology
Date: March 8, 2011
Subject: CLA Academic Listservs March 2011 Update

Hello everyone, this is Vinodh Ganesan, Assistant Director for Web & Database at CLA IT. I’m taking over Phil Fizur’s responsibilities in the college. Please contact me for any questions regarding the listservs and websites in our college.

As of Friday, Feb 25, 2011 all of the CLA-managed academic Listservs are active with the most current enrollment data including majors, minors, and certificate programs.

For more details please visit https://claweb.temple.edu/listserv/ If this is your first time as a list moderator, please be sure to read the following points carefully:

  • Each listserv has been created based on registration data contained in ISIS and the Academic Advising Department’s database to assure accuracy. Subscriptions will be renewed 3 times a year (the first week in August, the first week in November, and the first week in February) to try to maintain accuracy.
  • At this time, we only have enough resources to update the subscription lists three times per year. Unfortunately, we cannot take special requests for adding or removing subscribers between these updates unless there are exceptional circumstances. If you would like to send a post to students not yet included on the subscribers list, we suggest that you BCC them when sending out a message. If you think there is something wrong with the list of people subscribed to the listserv, please contact Vinodh Ganesan.
  • It is the policy that students will not be able to subscribe or unsubscribe themselves to a list. However, students have found ways to unsubscribe themselves and both students and spammers try to subscribe to the managed listservs. Please ignore all unsubscribe notices and ignore all requests to subscribe, especially from non-temple.edu addresses.
  • Only those listed as moderators at https://claweb.temple.edu/listserv/ may send messages to the listserv. Students will not be allowed to post messages, reply to the list, or be added as list owners/administrators. All replies will be sent to the lists moderators. If someone needs to be added or removed as a list moderator please contact Vinodh Ganesan.
  • Only @temple.edu e-mail addresses will be used for students and for moderators. The official policy regarding Temple e-mail systems and their user can be read here.
  • Moderators will be required to confirm their own postings. After you've sent your message to the list, you will receive an email asking you to click on a link to confirm your posting. Your message will NOT be distributed until you click this link. This procedure is in place as a precautionary measure to prevent spammers or other malicious users from spoofing your email address and sending messages to the list as you.
  • To send a message to the list, compose a new message to the email address listed next to your list's name on the managed academic listserv web site https://claweb.temple.edu/listserv/. If your message is returned to you the first time you try, it is likely because you are sending your mail as an email address other than the one as which you are subscribed. For example, if your name is Jane Doe and you usually send e-mail as “jane.doe@temple.edu” but we have you listed as “jdoe@temple.edu” (based on your AccessNet login), your e-mail to the listserv will be returned. To check which email address you are subscribed as, simply click on the “details” section next to your list.
  • When attempting to view the list of current subscribers on the official listserv website you will need to provide your listserv password. If you do not have one, or have forgotten it, simply visit https://listserv.temple.edu/cgi-bin/wa?GETPW1=LMGT1, fill out the short form found on that page, and an activation email will be sent to you.


Last updated Tuesday, March 8, 2011

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