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How to Get Help

Please choose the type of support that is most appropriate for your needs:

Help in Offices and Research Areas

For technology assistance in your office or lab, please contact the Help Desk:

The Help Desk
Telephone: 215-204-8000
E-Mail: help@temple.edu
Location: Ground floor of the TECH Center

For best results, enter a request online.

TUhelp is an online service that allows you to enter, modify, and track the status and history of your requests for help.

It is CLA IT's goal to provide desk-side assistance in one to four business hours. However, at just before and at the start of the fall and spring semesters, this is not always possible due to the volume of requests.


Help in Classrooms and Computer Classrooms

For technology assistance in a classroom or computer classroom, please use the telephone in the room to call for assistance or use the Help Button on the touch-screen control system.

Different groups on campus service different areas and you will find a placard next to the telephone detailing which group or depot serves the lab or classroom that you are in.

CLA IT labs are supported by CLA IT out of Anderson Hall 21 and can be reached during operating hours at 215-204-3213.

Classrooms in Anderson and Gladfelter Halls are supported by the Anderson Hall Classroom Technical Support (CTS) depot and can be reached at 215-204-8572.

Classrooms in Weiss, Ritter Hall, and Ritter Annex are supported by the Ritter Hall Classroom Technical Support (CTS) depot and can be reached at 215-204-0131.

It is our goal to provide classroom assistance in five minutes or less during business hours.


Other Resources

The TECH Center
Opened in 2006, the TECH Center (Teaching, Education, Collaboration and Help) is a 75,000 square foot student center that offers 600 fixed computers, 100 loaner laptops, 13 breakout rooms, six specialty labs, over 120 software titles, and a number of common student spaces. It also houses the Help Desk, Temple's Welcome Center, WHIP student radio, a dedicated faculty wing, and a Starbucks Café. During the fall and spring semesters the TECH Center offers 24-hour continuous operation from 11:00 AM on Sunday until 7:30 PM on Friday.

Instructional Support Center
Located in the faculty wing of the TECH Center, along with the Teaching and Learning Center, the Instructional Support Center (ISC) is a faculty-support center that provides consulting services, training, and access to state-of-the-art computer equipment for use by Temple faculty who are interested in incorporating technology into the teaching/learning process. The ISC has knowledgeable staff who can demonstrate the latest instructional technologies, assist you with using these technologies, and advise you on how to best meet your instructional goals.

Technology Purchases
For CLA faculty or staff who want to purchase technology for their department, lab, or project, please contact either Jack Knorr (for Psychology and Neuroscience), or Marc Getty (for all other CLA areas) to discuss and arrange ordering. Requests can also be made via an online TUhelp request. The CLA IT New Faculty Page has some suggested technology products with pricing. We offer comprehensive technology support from pre-award/pre-purchase through purchase, receipt, and deployment to end-of-life disposal.

LCD Systems
The College of Liberal Arts maintains five LCD systems across campus. For more information on content or technical issues, please visit the LCD page.


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