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LCD Information

There are five large screen LCD displays managed by the College of Liberal Arts located across campus:

  1. The Anderson 21 Drop-In Computer Lab
  2. The Anderson Hall main lobby, near the elevators
  3. The Gladfelter Hall main lobby, near the elevators
  4. The Weiss Hall main lobby, near the elevators
  5. The CLA Academic Advising Center lobby, on the 3rd floor of 1810 Liacouras Walk

Temple University student organizations, departments, offices, and community members are able to promote activities, events and other university-related messages on the displays.

If you would like to submit a slide, please note the following:

  1. The name of the sponsoring organization must be clearly stated on each slide.
  2. We do not accept slides that reference the consumption of alcohol or are sexually explicit.
  3. We do not accept slides that promote any activity or behavior in violation of Temple University policies and procedures.
  4. Members of the Temple University Greek Association must first seek approval from the Greek Advisor.
  5. There can be no incorrect use of the Temple logo (See Temple Logos for more information on logo standards).

When sending your slide, please consider:

  1. The LCD screens are in a 16:9 widescreen format
  2. Any file format is acceptable, but JPEG is preferred
  3. Minimize the use of text in your slide because paragraphs are not easily readable
  4. Submit event to CLA webmaster
  5. Expect an approximately one to two business day response to your submission

Contact submission information:

Content Technical Issues

CLA Deans Office
Please do not submit flier for via email. Please submit on CLA website.

TUhelp request (preferred)

College of Liberal Arts IT Department

Non-Discrimination Policy (PDF): This policy mandates that student organizations within Temple University do not discriminate, practice or promote prejudice or intimidation, both within the individual organization and the greater University community.


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