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Instructional Technology in CLA

Instructional technology is "a discipline devoted to techniques or ways to make learning more efficient" as defined by the Association for Educational Communications and Technology. CLA IT provides a comprehensive array of instructional technologies, ranging from smart classrooms and class capture to interactive classroom response systems.

Table of Contents

  1. Blackboard Course Management System
  2. Smart classrooms
  3. TUcapture
  4. Computer classrooms
  5. NetOp Classroom Control
  6. Videoconferencing
  7. TurningPoint Interactive "clickers"
  8. CLA Capture
  9. Madison Digital Image Database Gallery
  10. Instructional Support Center (ISC)
  11. Media Learning Center (MLC)
  12. Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)

Blackboard Course Management SystemBlackboard logo

Blackboard Course Management System is an interactive online technology that "integrat[es] engagement and assessment activities in a single comprehensive teaching and learning platform." Blackboard uses various tools to supplement and enhance the educational experience, including Blog, Wiki, and Podcast. Using Blackboard, students are able to access course documents, grades, and class announcements online.
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Smart Classrooms

Smart classrooms have a teacher's station equipped with the media necessary to allow the instructor to implement a variety of technologies into his or her lectures. The College of Liberal Arts IT Department is continually upgrading existing rooms to smart classrooms in order to provide students and faculty with the latest educational technology. Currently the percentage of smart rooms in CLA-owned buildings is approximately 70%, and all rooms seating over 28 in Anderson, Gladfelter, and Weiss Halls have fixed presentation and control systems. For more information on our smart classrooms, visit the Learning Spaces page.
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TUcapture is an innovative recording technology that allows students to listen to and even view lectures online. TUCapture logoDuring each class, all audio and information displayed on the projector is digitally recorded and posted later that day on Blackboard.

TUcapture uses Echo360 technology to capture and publish classroom lectures by recording and synchronizing a lecturer's voice with the visual contents presented. The instructor can then incorporate teaching aids into the lecture, such as PowerPoint slides, websites, applications, document camera, video, and audio files. Echo360 then automatically creates a rich media version of the lecture, which is presented as web links that can then be viewed through any Web browser. The links can be sent directly to your email address or accessed through Blackboard.

To arrange for your class or event to be captured, please contact Cyril Ireland at 215-204-5934 or at cireland@temple.edu.
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Computer Classrooms

CLA manages 14 computer classrooms and labs, including one Mac lab, on Main Campus. The classrooms are equipped with the latest smartroom technology, including NetOp software (see below). Computer classrooms have a dedicated computer at each student seat, and range in seating from 7 to 97 seats. For more information on CLA-owned computer classrooms, including their locations and hours, please visit the Labs page.
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NetOp Classroom Control

NetOp School is an interactive classroom management software designed to connect an instructor’s compuNetOp School6 logoter with student computers in a networked classroom environment. NetOp School provides a variety of tools allowing the instructor to monitor or take control of student computers, broadcast to an individual or to the entire class, send messages, make recordings, transfer files, and more.

If you have any questions regarding NetOp software, please contact Lab support at the counter in drop-in lab AL 21.
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Videoconferencing is available in Weiss 642 using the built-in Polycom HDX 8004 system. We also have Polycom PVX software, which utilizes H.264 high-definition video technology and Polycom Siren™ 14 audio. The application supports most webcams and allows for one-on-one or one-on-many conference calls. If you are interested in reserving Weiss 642, please contact Cyril Ireland at cireland@temple.edu or cla.scheduling@temple.edu. For more information, please refer to this worksheet (PDF).

Videoconferencing is also available in any smart classroom. Webex web conferencing is the preferred application, although we support Skype as well.
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TurningPoint Interactive "Clickers"

TurningPoint is a classroom performance system that enables instructors to obtain immediate feedback from their students. By using a response pad, also referred to as a "clicker," students can answer questions, respond to surveys, take opinion polls, and much more. Instructors can also use this technology to take attendance.

Students should visit Classroom Response Systems for more information on how to buy and register their own clicker.
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CLA Capture

Sanyo digital recorders are available for instructors to audio-record class lectures, which can then be transferred to a PC to be podcasted and then uploaded for public use, such as on Blackboard, to make them easily accessible to students. Any full-time staff member is welcome to pick one up by visiting the counter at the drop-in computer lab AL 21 in Anderson Hall.

You can find more information on the use of the recorders here (PDF).
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MDID Gallery

Madison Digital Image Database (MDID) is a system for managing digital media collections and integrating them into the teaching and learning process. The database contains over 50,000 records and is used by instructors to search, retrieve, organize and teach with digital images and image data.
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Instructional Support Center

The Instructional Support Center (ISC) provides Temple faculty with consulting services and training, as well as access to cutting edge instructional technologies for use in the classroom. For more information on ISC locations, hours, and services, please visit the ISC website.
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Media Learning Center

The Media Learning Center (MLC) is a CLA-supported service based in drop-in lab AL 21 that provides audio, video, 16mm, slide, and printed materials for faculty use in the classroom. Faculty and approved graduate students may check out up to 3 videos for a maximum of 7 days, while undergraduate students may only check out one video at a time and must remain in the lab. Faculty who want to reserve a film can complete the online reservation form or visit the counter in AL 21.

To search through the database of available media, please use the Diamond System. Please note that you must modify your search from "View Entire Collection" to "CLA Ed Tech Center" in order to search only the MLC collection.

For more information, including hours and policies, please visit the MLC website.
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Teaching and Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) is located on the first floor of the TECH center and offers courses and workshops for Temple faculty and graduate teaching assistants. For more information on their programs and resources, please visit the TLC website. To schedule a consultation or seminar, contact tlc@temple.edu.
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