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Welcome, new CLA faculty members! The purpose of this page is to provide technology information for new CLA faculty members.

Temple Accounts

New faculty at Temple are provided with a computer account known as an AccessNet account. From this single account you will be able to access almost all technology resources on campus, including our e-mail system TUMail, portal system TUPortal, course management system Blackboard, and human resources systems within TUPortal.

The creation of your AccessNet account is done for you automatically during your hiring process. To activate your account please go to the Account Activation site. During the account activation process you will be asked for your TUid number, which is a nine-digit number located on the lower right corner of your Temple University OwlCard. If you don't have your OwlCard or don't know your TUid, please contact your home department or the Help Desk. Note that the Help Desk can only help you with account issues via phone (215-204-8000) or in person (TECH Center ground floor). For security reasons they can't help with account issues via e-mail or the TUhelp online help request system.

During the account activation process you will find out your login name which will be a cryptic username, something along the lines of TUE12345. While you need to use this to login to systems for as long as you are at Temple, and it is your default e-mail address tue12345@temple.edu, you can easily create aliases via the Cherry & White online directory. Instead of being tue12345@temple.edu you can be jane.doe@temple.edu and even have an alias lab.name@temple.edu as well. What e-mail address you send as can be configured within GMail.

While all students and most faculty use the TUMail system, there is an alternative e-mail system that uses the Microsoft Exchange platform. This system is used primarily by staff and faculty who have administrative duties and need to share calendars, contacts, and e-mail. If you are interested in this system, please contact Marc Getty to arrange for your account migration. Note that you keep your same @temple.edu e-mail address as you would with the TUMail system.


The college provides each tenure and tenure track faculty member with his or her primary computer at no cost to the faculty member's startup fund or department. Non-tenure track, adjunct, and graduate assistants are provided computers through arrangements made between the College and each department.


  • PC desktop computer, typically a HP 6300 with 256 GB SSD, 6 GB of RAM and a 22" wide screen LCD display running Windows 7 64 bit Enterprise
  • PC standalone laptop computer, typically a HP 9470M or HP Revolve running Windows 7 64 bit Enterprise
  • PC laptop computer with dock, typically a HP 6360p with 13.3" display running Windows 7 Enterprise with full-sized keyboard, mouse, and external LCD display (some top-up funding required for dock setup)
  • Mac desktop computer, with a 21.5" screen display running OS X Lion
  • Mac standalone laptop computer, a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air

CLA IT's inventory is currently comprised of 94% Windows and 6% Mac with a trace of unix machines. Other equipment options can be discussed, although special orders take additional time.

Additional computers must be purchased with startup, grant, or departmental funds. Higher-end machines than those specified above are welcome, but will require a contribution from startup, grant, or departmental funds. See our Apple price list (PDF) for specific pricing (PC price list forthcoming).

Note that we do not recommend NetBook computers running Windows due to their poor performance, short life span, and the high level of customer dissatisfaction reported. However, NetBooks running Linux or ChromeOS are welcome but can't be considered for a primary computer.

Additional technology such as printers, scanners, tablets, and the like can be purchased upon request but a funding source will need to be identified. Please note that College Policy on Home Equipment. Only portable equipment like laptops can be taken off campus, desktop computers, printers, and the like are required to remain on campus.

Please contact Marc Getty to begin a discussion of your hardware needs. Tenure track faculty should choose their College-provided computer by Friday, August 2nd.


All Windows PCs are provided with Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit and a long list of software titles pre-installed. These include:

All Macs are provided with:

Additional software titles are available for Windows PCs and Macs upon request. Some titles not listed here are covered by the college, while others need to be paid for with startup, grant, or departmental funds. Please contact Marc Getty if the software you are seeking is not seen here.

Please note that all computers and software need to be purchased by CLA IT staff. We will not be able to reimburse you for any computers or software purchased on your own.


For more info, please see the presentation made at the 2011 new faculty orientation.

CLA and SED New Faculty Orientation Presentation

Note that some of this content is no longer current.


Last updated on Monday, August 19, 2013

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