The following services are offered by the Media Learning Center

Analog to Digital Transfer
The MLC provides the transfer of audio cassettes to CD format and the transfer of VHS to DVD format.
Video Format Transfer
The MLC provides the transfer of European/Asian video format to U.S. standard VHS or DVD (PAL-Secam-NTSC)
Digital Video Production  

  Record Lectures / Events

The MLC provides the recording of lectures and events to VHS or DVD format

  Copy Taped Events

When an event is recorded, the MLC provides VHS or DVD copying under strict guidance of any copyright rules (if applicable).

  Digital Photography

The MLC provides digital (still) photography transferred to CD.
Satellite Teleconferencing
The MLC provides live distant capabilities of conferences/seminars to classrooms. (Kiva, Tuttleman, and the MLC)

* These services may include a fee, please contact us at for details.



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