CLA Neuroscience Opportunities and Awards

Faculty Awards:

Congratulations Dr. Gould -  Winner of the 2012 Paul W. Eberman Faculty Research Award

2013  Awards and Accolades

Scholarships and Awards


Congratulations to David Braak (2014)- David received a CARAS Travel Grant to present his research

Congratulations to Kathryn Russo (2014)- Kathryn has been awarded a Diamond Peer Teacher fellowship, and will be working with Dr. Gooch throughout the Spring 2014 semester

Congratulations to Purav Patel (2014) - Purav received a CARAS Travel Grant to present his research


Congratulations to An T. Nguyen (2014) - An is the winner of the Benjamin Cottone, MD Scholarship

Congratulations to Joyce Rasing (2014)- Joyce is the winner of the SIG and SIG II Scholarship Fund

Congratulations to Julia Tunis (2014)- Julia was awarded a Diamond Peer Teacher position for Fall 2013, attached to the Fundamentals of Neuroscience course.

Congratulations to David Braak - David was accepted into the U of P Pre-Med Volunteer Program and is volunteering at the Neurology ICU.  Over the Summer and Fall semesters, David will log 100 volunteer hours.



Congratulations to Michelle Lerner (2014) - Michelle was offered and will be attending a very competitive position at the University of Texas Medical School Summer program. 

Graduate Shan Patel (2013) – Shan will be attending Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Forensic Medicine, Forensic Science and Technology Program in September 2013.

Congratulations to Graduate Sean X. Naughton (2013)- Sean will be attending the Neuroscience Graduate Program at Georgia Reagents University.

Congratulations to Graduate Chris DeSolis (2011)- After a successful year working at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia as a Research Assistant in the Center for Mitochondrial and Epigenomic Medicine, Chris has decided to attend graduate school at the University of Texas -Dallas

Congratulations to Graduate Aaron Jacobson (2012) - After completing a co-op at Glaxo Smith Kline, Aaron was kept on as a contractor and is finishing his pre-med courses at a post-bacc program at the University of Penn.  He will be attending Penn's Bioethics Masters program while he waits to hear about medical school. 

Congratulations to Graduate Erin Egan (2011) - Erin just accepted a position at Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Graduate Anh Y. Ca  (2013) – Anh has been accepted to Temple School of Pharmacy and will be attending starting September 2013

Job Offers

Graduate Jennifer Gooch (2013) – Jennifer is a Research Specialist University of Pennsylvania Health System in Translational Neuropathology. 

Graduate Lindsey Tepfer (2013) – Lindsey is working as a Medical Report Editor at Weinerman Pain & Wellness in Philadelphia.

Graduate Tanairí Quezada (2013)  – Tanairi is a Research Assistant at Weill Cornell Medical College - Weill Cornell Institute of Geriatric Psychiatry, Department: Psychiatry working on a NIMH funded study on post-stroke depression in geriatric patients


2012   Awards and Accolades

2011  Awards and Accolades