Dr. Gooch’s research featured on NPR’s ‘Hidden Brain’

Dr. Cindy Gooch and  Dr. Gordon Moskowitz’s (of Lehigh University) research on time perception has recently been featured on NPR’s ‘Hidden Brain’. They ask- What Does Time Perception Have To Do With Racial Disparities? Listen in!


Dr. Debra Bangasser Awarded Janett Rosenberg Trubatch Career Development Award

Congratulations to Dr. Debra Bangasser, who recently received the The Janett Rosenberg Trubatch Career Development Award. Supported by the Trubatch Family, this award recognizes originality and creativity in research and promotes success during academic transitions prior to tenure.


Dr. Lisa Briand awarded NARSAD Young Investigator Grant

Dr. Lisa Briand has been awarded a NARSAD (National Alliance for Research in Schizophrenia and Affective Disorders) ​Young Investigator Grant ​by the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation (https://bbrfoundation.org/yi​).