Research Support

Many neuroscience faculty members conduct research funded from external sources such as NIH, NSF, foundations, and industry. An aim of the Center for Neuroscience is to make the sum of individual research projects greater than the individual components.

One means of making the sum greater than the parts is by facilitating interactions and collaborations among neuroscience laboratories. A model at Temple University for this facilitation is evident in the Center for Substance Abuse that invites faculty to interact in a bi-weekly speakers series over lunch. Faculty members participating in the Center have successfully applied for a Program Project research grant that binds them together in a common research endeavor and provides them with core facilities and resources. Another model is the 18-member Psychology Department Neuroscience Group that initiated meetings in 2007. Having a number of faculty members working in the neuroscience domain has been synergistic. Collaborations between members of this group resulted in collaborative individual awards from NSF and NIH and an NSF Center grant.

The Center for Neuroscience supports research by providing core staff to manage resources. Among the centrally shared resources is a Patient Registry/Database created and housed in the Center to facilitate access to unique patient populations and foster interactions between basic and clinical neuroscience..

Independent Study

Neuroscience majors are encouraged to gain first-hand experience with research through Independent Study.  Students will carry out supervised neuroscience research by observing and participating in ongoing research in a laboratory environment.

The program requires the student to spend 3-4 hours per credit per week of a 14-week semester in the lab – 1 credit equals 3-4 hours per week, 2 credits equal 6-8 hours, 3 credits 9 – 12 hours etc.  Students may take a total of 8 independent study credits and no more than 4 per semester.  Independent Study programs are offered in the Fall, Spring and both Summer semesters.  Any students who have a double major have the opportunity to complete two separate independent studies.

Finding a Lab

Independent Study is available in the laboratories of neuroscience faculty members at Temple University.  Independent study is very popular and students should start the process of finding a lab well in advance.

In most cases, students start a year in advance.  Once a lab has been identified as an area of interest, the student must contact that research faculty member to see about openings, requirements, start dates, etc.  Each laboratory program is unique and has different academic requirements.  Some students will be required to complete a final paper, some students will be responsible for a literature search and all students are encouraged to submit a poster for the Spring or Fall poster session.
For additional support, contact the Student Services Specialist

Registering for Independent Study

In order to register for Independent Study, you will need a Special Course Approval form.  These forms can be found on this website under student resources Special Course Form or they can be found at the Neuroscience Advising office in room 638 Weiss Hall.

Students must complete all information on the form and have the research mentor sign the form.  The form should then be returned to the Neuroscience Advising office in room 638 Weiss.  The form can be left under the door if there is no one available to help you.  Once you are registered, you will notice that Dr. Parikh is the instructor.  Dr. Parikh is responsible for the administration of the course.  You will go to you laboratory and work with your mentor according to your agreement.  At the end of the semester, your mentor will be contacted for a grade.