Undergraduate Neuroscience Society


The Fall 2015 Exectuive Board of the Undergraduate Neuroscience Society:

  • President: Charles Ulmer                           
  • Vice President: Daniella Wong                        
  • Public Relations: Francesca Vannuci
  • STARS Representative: Daniel Gritsyuk
  • Treasurer: Max Bakrenev

What is the Undergraduate Neuroscience Society (UNS)?

Students who join UNS can take advantage of the following opportunities:

  • Discuss contemporary and classic neuroscience topics in a bimonthly journal club.
  • Learn about advancing in the field of neuroscience and the opportunities available to undergraduates.
  • Attend local events related to neuroscience and the community.
  • Travel to the international Society for Neuroscience annual conference.
  • Tutor or find tutors to explain neuroscience core concepts through our Tutoring Program.

Interested in joining? Contact:

Charles Ulmer (UNS  President)

Daniella Wong (UNS Vice President)

Applications to join UNS are also available in Weiss Hall, Office 638