Available Data

We encourage the free, attributed use of the data collected as part of the Pennsylvania Policy Database Project for publications, instructional use, for policy analysis, and for other non-commercial purposes.

We prefer that our data, when used, is cited in one of the following two ways. When included in a reference section:

J. McLaughlin, P. Wolfgang, J.W. Leckrone, J. Gollob, J. Bossie, J. Jennings, and M. Atherton. 2010. “The Pennsylvania Policy Database Project: A Model for Comparative Analysis.” State Politics and Policy Quarterly, 10:320-36.

When cited in a note regarding the source of the data, please include the following along with the date the data was accessed:

Pennsylvania Policy Database Project, Principal Investigator Joseph P. McLaughlin, Temple University.

Please see below for information regarding our data and how we collect it.

About the Datasets

How to access the data

If you would like to download our datasets to perform your own analysis, please follow the instructions below for downloading files into MS Excel.

  1. Access ‘Data Analysis Tool‘ from our Homepage.
  2. The top part of the tool there is a list of datasets, select the dataset you are interested in downloading. Once selected filter options will appear, but do not change anything if you want the entire dataset.
  3. Scroll down past the policy topics section, not changing anything (unless you want to limit the policy areas)
  4. At the bottom you can select the years you are interested in. If you want them all, do not change anything.
  5. Click ‘Search’ at the bottom right
  6. Just above the graph that will appear on the next page there will be a link saying “All topic _DatasetSelected_”, click it. 
  7. An .xlsx file will begin to download, which will open in MS Excel.

For more information on the datasets and how to use the Data Analysis Tool see the Documents page.

Additional data not incorporated into the Analysis Tool

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