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About the Philosophy Department

Temple’s Philosophy Department offers BA major and minor, MA, and PhD degrees.  It is a pluralistic department with a rich history and continuing presence in the field of aesthetics with Professors Kristin Gjesdal, Joseph Margolis, and Lara Ostaric.  The Department also has special strength in European Philosophy, with Professors Paul Crowe, Kristin Gjesdal, Espen Hammer, Joseph Margolis, Lara Ostaric and Owen Ware.  There is expertise in Greek Philosophy, American pragmatism, epistemology, ethics, philosophy of science, and feminist philosophy with Professors Charles Dyke, Joseph Margolis, Miriam Solomon, Jerry Vision, Owen Ware, and David Wolfsdorf.

Chair of Department: Miriam Solomon
Director of Graduate Studies: Kristin Gjesdal
Director of Undergraduate Studies: Paul Crowe