picture of Han-Kyul KimAssistant Professor – Instructional

Anderson Hall 751

PhD., University of York (UK)
MA., King’s College, University of London
BA., Seoul National University, Korea

Dr. Kim specializes in the history of early modern philosophy. He taught at Seoul National University, and has been a visiting scholar at Yale University before coming to Temple in 2008. His current research interests include an analysis of Locke’s philosophy of mind in terms of his distinction between nominal and real essence, and an examination of the relevance of his views to contemporary issues and debate.

Current and Recent Courses

  • Philosophy of Language
  • Metaphysics
  • Seminar in Continental Rationalism
  • Seminar in British Empiricism
  • History of Modern Philosophy
  • Introduction to Philosophy of Mind
  • Introduction to Logic

Select Publications

  • Locke’s Ideas of Mind and Body (New York and London: Routledge, forthcoming).
  • “A System of Matter Fitly Disposed: Locke’s Thinking Matter Revisited,” American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 90 (2016) 125-145.
  • “The Supposed but Unknown: A Functionalist Account of Locke’s Substratum,” in Paul Lodge and Tom Stoneham (eds.) Locke and Leibniz on Substance, London: Routledge (2015), pp. 28-44.
  • “Lockean Humility,” Philosophy 89 (2014) 537-558
  • “What Kind of Philosopher was Locke on Mind and Body?” Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 91 (2010) 180-207
  • “Locke and the Mind-Body Problem: An Interpretation of his Agnosticism,” Philosophy 83 (2008) 439-458.