Owen Ware

Owen Ware

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Anderson Hall 746
Ph.D., University of Toronto

Dr. Ware works in ethics and the history of ethics, with a focus on Kantian and post-Kantian traditions. He has held fellowships through the Jackman Humanities Institute, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, and the Center for Humanities at Temple. Dr. Ware is also an Associate Editor for Philosophy in Review.

Dr. Ware’s work has appeared in such journals as Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, American Philosophical Quarterly, European Journal of Philosophy, and Journal of the History of Philosophy.

For more information, see Dr. Ware’s website.

Selected Publications

1. “Forgiveness and Respect for Persons,” American Philosophical Quarterly (Forthcoming).
2. “Kant on Moral Sensibility and Moral Motivation,” Journal of the History of Philosophy (Forthcoming).
3. “Consciousness and Personal Identity,” with Don Ainslie. The Routledge Companion to Eighteenth Century Philosophy, ed. Aaron Garrett (Forthcoming).
4. “Fichte’s Voluntarism,” European Journal of Philosophy 18 (2010): 262-282.
5. “The Duty of Self-Knowledge,” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 79 (2009): 671-698.

Recent Courses

  • Seminar in Kant’s Ethics
  • Seminar in Normativity and Agency
  • Classics in Moral Philosophy
  • Introduction to Ethical Theory