The Department offers a variety of undergraduate major and minor programs in Philosophy. We also offer an undergraduate Certificate in Ethics. For further information on our undergraduate programs, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Paul Crowe.

Descriptions of upper level courses for Fall 2016 will be added shortly.


Are You Considering a Philosophy Major or Minor?

The Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Paul Crowe, has compiled some considerations and resources that may be relevant to your decision about whether to major or minor in philosophy.  Please read them here and feel free to discuss your decision with Dr Crowe or any member of the Philosophy Faculty.


The Philosophy Major

The Philosophy Department offers a 36-credit B.A. degree program.  The program is designed to provide a solid foundation for various professions in business, government, and professional schools (such as law), as well as an excellent background for the further study of philosophy.


Philosophy Major with Pre-Law Emphasis

The department makes special provisions for students who have chosen the Philosophy major as preparation for entry into law school. These students follow a path slightly different from that of traditional major with assistance from their advisor. Dr. Paul Crowe is the Director of the Law Scholars Program and the Pre-Law Society, pre-law professional programs in the College of Liberal Arts.


The Philosophy Minor

The Minor in Philosophy is an excellent way to extend the breadth of your education and the understanding of the world. To minor in philosophy, a minimum of 18 semester hours must be completed.


Undergraduate Certificate in Ethics

Starting in Fall 2016, the Philosophy Department is offering an undergraduate Certificate in Ethics that requires 12 credits: a required course “Introduction to Ethical Theory” (Philosophy 2121), two courses in applied/professional ethics and a fourth course, either in applied/professional ethics or in ethical theory.  The courses in applied/professional ethics can be taken in any school or department.  This Certificate is open to undergraduates across the University. Paul Crowe ( will register students for the certificate.


Philosophy Courses for Pre-Meds and Pre-Health Professionals

The Philosophy Department offers several courses which are particularly useful for pre-med and pre-health professionals: Ethics in Medicine, Philosophy of Medicine, Philosophy of Biology and Philosophy of Science.  Read the brochure here:  Philosophy for Pre-Med and Pre-Health


Fresh Philosophy

Fresh Philosophy is the Greater Philadelphia Philosophy Consortium’s Undergraduate Online Journal.  It invites submissions from undergraduates and invites applications from prospective editors.