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Adult Anxiety Clinic of
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Department of Psychology
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The Adult Anxiety Clinic of Temple is a treatment, research and training clinic.  Affiliated with the Temple University Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program, our mission is to provide effective treatment for adults with anxiety disorders.  Research at the Clinic is sometimes funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and is often aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of treatments of several anxiety disorders. 

Research studies conducted in this Clinic are aimed at understanding processes involved in social anxiety disorder and generalized anxiety disorder and to evaluate the effectiveness of treatments of these problems.  At any given time, research studies of this nature are conducted and individuals seeking treatment at the Clinic may be offered participation in them.

The treatments provided by this clinic involve predominantly cognitive-behavioral therapy.  We constantly work on improving treatment methods commonly used by clinicians in the field.  Treatments are provided by trained therapists who are further supervised by experienced clinicians and experts.  More information on the nature of treatments for social anxiety and treatments for generalized anxiety is provided on this web site.

The AACT currently provides treatments for social anxiety disorder, which is characterized by persistent fears of social or performance situations. Depending on current projects, we sometimes also provide treatment for generalized anxiety disorder, which involves excessive and persistent worry about a number of events or activities. 

Individuals who contact this Clinic and who participate in our treatments and research studies agree to share the information we obtain from them with the scientific community.  However, any information obtained will be strictly confidential and research data are never identified with participants' names.  This clinic does not release information about specific individuals without the person's signed consent.

If you contact our Clinic, seeking treatment for social anxiety or generalized anxiety problems, a member of our staff will interview you briefly on the telephone in order to learn about you and whether our clinic is appropriate for your concerns.  You will then be scheduled for a comprehensive interview with a trained clinician.  After this initial interview, the Clinic staff decides whether our services would be helpful to your particular needs.  If our programs are not judged to be appropriate for you, we will provide you with referrals to other services in the area.  

Generally, the fee for services at this Clinic is determined on a sliding scale based on income, the number of dependents and the individual's ability to pay.  Currently, treatment as part of our government-funded research studies is free of charge.  This Clinic does not accept third party payments by insurance companies.


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