The Department of  Political Science at Temple offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to understand politics and policy in the United States and abroad.

“Political science is the study of governments, public policies and political processes, systems,and political behavior. Political science subfields include political theory,  political economy, policy studies, comparative politics, international relations, and a host of related fields. Political scientists use both humanistic and scientific perspectives and tools and a variety of methodological approaches to examine the process, systems, and political dynamics of all countries and regions of the world.” From the American Political Science Association, www.apsanet.org.  (For a good cross section of the areas of study in Political Science, visit the APSA website and look up their list of “Organized Sections”.)

You should study political science if you are interested in American politics, politics in other countries, international affairs, and important issues like health care, the environment and civil rights.  You should consider majoring in political science if you enjoy reading about the “big questions” and theories in politics concerning the ideal government and how power and resources should be allocated in society.

Political science also offers students excellent preparation for their professional lives.  Some of our students move on to law school and graduate studies. Others find careers in local, state or federal government, with political groups and campaigns, in the mass media, and in non-profit organizations and businesses. We teach our students how to conduct research, think critically, and present information effectively. Employers appreciate these qualities in our students.  We are also committed to help students become more interested, engaged and capable citizens.

The faculty comes from top flight graduate schools, are nationally recognized in their fields, and continue to research and publish while teaching introductory and advanced courses. They bring the cutting edge of research into the classroom. Our innovative curriculum allows faculty to offer courses on the most recent, contentious topics in our society.  They also appreciate the experiences our diverse student body brings to the classroom.

To learn more about Political Science, please visit the American Political Science Association’s website.

For information on graduate admissions, visit the graduate school website.

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