Hillel Soifer

Associate Professor

445 Gladfelter Hall
1115 Polett Walk


Comparative Politics, Latin America, Qualitative Methods, State Building, Democratization, Civil War, Immigration


Hillel David Soifer (Ph.D, Harvard University, 2006) is Assistant Professor of Political Science (Comparative Politics). His research focuses on issues of political development in historical and contemporary Latin America. His book ‘State Building in Latin America’ was published in 2015 by Cambridge University Press, and related articles have appeared in journals such as ‘Latin American Research Review’, ‘Comparative Political Studies’ and ‘Studies in Comparative International Development.’ He continues to work on issues of state capacity in Latin America, as well as projects related to the 1980s internal conflict in Peru and its consequences, the politics of natural disasters, and migration within Latin America. Dr. Soifer’s teaching interests include Latin American politics, comparative politics, historical and contemporary approaches to the state, and political methodology (research design and qualitative research methods.)

Selected Publications

  • (2015) State Building in Latin America (Cambridge University Press)
  • (2013) ‘State Power and the Redistributive Threat’ Studies in Comparative International Development vol.48 #1 (March) pp.1-22.
  • (2012) ‘The Causal Logic of Critical Junctures’ Comparative Political Studies vol.45 #12 (December), pp.1572-1597. *Recipient of the 2013 Alexander George Award from the Qualitative and Multi-Method Research Section of APSA for “the best article or book chapter developing or applying qualitative methods in the preceding calendar year.”
  • (2012) ‘Measuring State Capacity in Contemporary Latin America’ Revista de Ciencia Política special issue on ‘States and Challengers in Contemporary Latin America’ vol.32 #3 (November-December) pp.585-598.

Courses Taught

  • Fall 2015 courses:
  • POLS 1201: Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • POLS 8002: Qualitative Methods

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