Ryan J. Vander Wielen

RyanVWAssociate Professor

Gladfelter 457
Phone: 215-204-1469
E-mail: ryan.vanderwielen@temple.edu


Ryan J. Vander Wielen (Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis, 2006) is Associate Professor of Political Science and (by courtesy) Economics at Temple University. His teaching and research interests are in the areas of American political institutions, quantitative political methodology, and formal modeling. Much of his work focuses on strategic legislative behavior. His work has been published in the American Journal of Political Science, the British Journal of Political ScienceLegislative Studies QuarterlyPolitical AnalysisPublic ChoicePolitical Research Quarterly, and elsewhere. He is the co-author of The American Congress and The American Congress Reader (Cambridge University Press). He is currently working on a number of research projects, including a book project that examines the changing nature of inter-cameral resolution in the U.S. Congress (under advance contract at University of Michigan Press).


“The Influence of News Media on Political Elites: Investigating Strategic Responsiveness in Congress.” With Kevin Arceneaux, Martin Johnson, and René Lindstädt. Forthcoming in the American Journal of Political Science.

“Dynamic Elite Partisanship: Party Loyalty and Agenda Setting in the U.S. House.” British Journal of Political Science (2014) 44(4): 741-772. With René Lindstädt.

“Measuring Variations in Party Unity Voting: An Assessment of Agenda Effects.” Party Politics (2013) 19(3): 432-457. With Michael H. Crespin and David W. Rohde.

“Why Conference Committees?: A Theory of Conference Use in Structuring Bicameral Agreement.” Journal of Theoretical Politics (2013) 25(1): 3-35.

“The Effects of Need for Cognition and Need for Affect on Partisan Evaluations.” Political Psychology (2013) 34(1): 23-42. With Kevin Arceneaux.

“The Effects of Party and Agenda Control: Assessing the Ideological Orientation of Legislation Directing Bureaucratic Behavior.” Political Research Quarterly (2012) 65(3): 669-684. With Erin Asher Meagher.

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