Sandra L. Suárez

438 Gladfelter Hall
1115 Polett Walk


Sandra L. Suárez (Ph.D., Yale University, 1994) is Professor of Political Science and Faculty Affiliate in Latin American Studies and Women’s Studies. She specializes in the study of American and Comparative political economy and public policy in historical perspective. Her first book Does business learn?: Tax Breaks, Uncertainty, and Political Strategies was published in 2000 by the University of Michigan Press.

Suárez’ current research centers on the effects of “focusing events” on executive compensation policies and governance practices in the U.S. and U.K. Another area of research is the historical evolution of financial privacy rights in Spain and the U.K. and its impact on credit vs. debit card diffusion. Her work has been published in theJournal of Comparative Politics, Politics & Society, Social Forces, and Studies in Comparative International Development. She teaches courses on the politics growth and inequality and comparative public policy research.

Suárez has been awarded fellowships by the Ford Foundation, the Center for International Studies at the Woodrow Wilson School, the Institute for the Study of World Politics and the Juan March Foundation, Center for Advance Study in the Social Sciences in Madrid.

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