Attention: The following information is for Political Science Majors declared after August 26, 2005. For those declared prior to that date, the old requirements apply.


The undergraduate manual is intended as a guide for political science majors and minors. It contains information on requirements for the major and minor, advising services available to you, suggestions for selecting an overall program of study as well as for choosing specific courses, and an overview of special programs. You can find this information here.


It is important that you plan your program with the assistance of an advisor to ensure that you are fully aware of the opportunities open to you and to ensure that you follow a course of study that fits your needs and goals.

One of the most important occasions (though surely not the only one) when you want to talk to an advisor is when you register (or priority register) for a semester. The best way to register is to make tentative selections before you see your advisor and be prepared to explain to the advisor why these courses make the most sense for you. Be sure to have your DARS form handy when you see your advisor. Keep in mind that you are ultimately responsible for your own academic program. Here are some questions you might want to think about before you see your advisor:

  • Do these courses help you make progress toward meeting your degree requirements?
  • Have you taken all the necessary pre-requisites for these courses?
  • Do these courses help prepare you for what you plan to do after graduation?
  • Do some of these courses build on what you have learned before?

SENIORS : Students registering for their senior year must go to Academic Advising for a “pre-graduate review.” This process will ensure that you have fulfilled the necessary requirements to graduate.

TRANSFERS : Transfer students are strongly encouraged to see the Chair of Undergraduate Studies in the Political Science department (Dr. Heath Davis – hfd@temple.edu) as soon as they receive a statement of how their previous credits transfer to Temple . The department can help students interpret the special requirements that often apply to transfer students as well as help them evaluate how their classes transferred in political science. The sooner you make this appointment, the better off you will be. We can help students with important concerns about their transfer credits.

Advising Contacts for Political Science Majors and Minors:

A faculty advisor in the department is the best place to come for general advising about your program at Temple , but keep in mind that there are a variety of other sources you can turn to for advising of various kinds:

College of Liberal Arts Center for Academic Advising and Professional Development– Advising about programs and courses outside the department, and for information about College of Liberal Arts or University policy.

College of Liberal Arts Office of Professional Development– Classes, programs, and personal advise on how to build your skills and networks for your post-graduation plans.

Pre-law Curriculum and Advising– Political Science is one of the most popular majors for pre-law students. Although law schools neither give preference to any particular choice of major nor require any specific undergraduate courses, they do make some general recommendations about getting a sound Liberal Arts education. CLA recommends that you meet with a pre-law advisor during your freshman year (or as soon as you have made the decision to pursue law school). Contact one of these pre-law advisors to learn more contact Dr. Paul Crowe.

Academic Advising in Political Science: For 2017-18 – Dr. John S. Masker (jsmasker@temple.edu) is available for general advising, transfer equivalencies for study abroad programs, study abroad and career planning. Students interested in 4 + 1 programs should make their plans carefully with Dr. Masker.

Internship Coordinator/ Cooperative Education Program: For 2017-18 – Dr. Lauren A. Farmer (laa@temple.edu). Our program provides experience in a professional job situation for which the student earns academic credit (when their work is done in conjunction with academic supervision). We also work closely with the Capital Semester Program in Harrisburg, PA and The Washington Semester Program in Washington, DC. Find the right fit for you.

University Honors and Double Majors: Please be aware that the department may not have a copy of your DARS form. Please bring a copy of your Student DARS with you for advising if you fall into one of those categories.


Honors Programs-  There are two kinds of honors programs for undergraduates.

  1. Departmental Honors Program: Political Science majors can take particular courses and graduate with distinction in the major. More information here.
  2. University Honors Program: Students who are enrolled in the University Honors Program are eligible to earn an Honors Certificate. More information visit here.

Temple Abroad: Temple provides a number of opportunities for students to study in foreign countries. The opportunities to live in, and meet people from, other cultures, to see different countries, and to learn a foreign language while earning credit towards the degree, can greatly enrich the undergraduate experience. The Office of International Programs: (200 Tuttleman Learning Center, ext. 0720) has information on a variety of programs. Students considering study abroad should contact this office. Examples of study abroad locations include Tokyo, Rome, Israel, London, Paris, Germany, Ghana, and Mexico.

Political Economy Program: The Department of Political Science and the Department of Economics offer an interdisciplinary program leading to a Certificate in Political Economy The program focuses on the interaction between government and the economy, and is ideal preparation for students planning careers in either the public or private sector. It also provides an excellent foundation for graduate studies in law, the social sciences, and public administration. The program is open to all matriculated students in the University. Contact Dr. Roselyn Hsueh (rhsueh@temple.edu) or Dr. Alexandra Guisinger (tug29051@temple.edu) for more information.


The Political Science Society (PSS)  is an organization open to all Political Science majors at Temple University. The primary purpose of PSS is to relay the Undergraduate Major’s opinions and interests in the Political Science Department and in the College of Liberal Arts. PSS sponsors various activities and events, such as student debates, career forums, lectures, student and faculty mixers, and law and graduate school forums.

Pi Sigma Alpha is the national Political Science Honor Society. It exists for the purpose of conferring honor on those students who have distinguished themselves in the field of Political Science. Temple University houses the Delta Rho chapter. Inquiries about membership in Pi Sigma Alpha should be directed to the faculty advisor, Dr. Heath Davis (hfd@temple.edu).

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