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In the last three years our graduates have been admitted to top law schools including Yale University, Harvard University, New York University, UPenn, University of Chicago and Northwestern University.

What do Pre-Law Students Major In?

Law Schools do not favor any particular major, but rather, look for students with analytical reading comprehension, argumentative writing skills and critical thinking skills. All departments and programs in the College of Liberal Arts excel in teaching these competencies, which are integral to getting a good score on the LSAT exam — the most crucial factor in law school admissions. Select any of our 35 majors and enhance it with extracurriculars, legal internships and study abroad programs for an undergraduate résumé that stands out to the best law schools. While traditional Pre-Law majors include English, economics, history, philosophy and political science, students from all our majors have been very successful in law school admissions.

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Pre-Law Advising

If you want to get into law school, you'll need advising and mentoring. We're dedicated to supporting your academic and personal success to present your acheivements in the best light to top schools

Philosophy with a Pre-Law Emphasis

If you plan on going to law school, our department offers a BA in Philosophy with a Pre-Law Emphasis. Philosophy majors have higher rates of admission to law school than other majors and also earn some of the [best LSAT scores].

Beasley Law School

A Philadelphia institution, Beasley School of Law offers both full-time and part-time law programs. We are ranked 2nd best for trial advocacy training by US News & World Report.


We are daring, ambitious, creative thinkers. Simultaneously civic-minded and globally conscious, our students and faculty are engaged in the community and care about our world.


From lectures, to film screenings, to networking opportunities with some of the region's biggest employers, events at the College of Liberal Arts are designed to support your life's work.