ProShred consoleThe College of Liberal Arts has a contract with ProShred to provide secure document disposal using 11 secure boxes in 5 different locations on main campus. All boxes are self-service and anyone can deposit materials into them.

ProShred Usage Tips

  • Each ProShred security console is emptied weekly. Generally this happens mid-day each Tuesday.
  • A ProShred security console holds approximately 7.5 cubic feet worth of materials and this is about 1.5 to 2 full file cabinet drawers worth of material.
  • Materials deposited are irretrievable. Just like a Postal Service mailbox, please don’t put things in there you could ever want back.
  • Please do not overload the boxes because anyone can reach in and take materials out when filled to the very top.
  • Never set materials on top or next to the security consoles that you would like to have destroyed as anyone may access them, defeating the purpose of the security.
  • Please don’t ask a ProShred staff member to have materials additional to what are in the security console removed as they may do so and there are no arrangements or budget to handle these requests.
  • The end of the spring semester is when you will find the most materials deposited into the boxes. If possible, please try to schedule most of your disposals at other times during the year.
  • If you find the boxes in your building full, please try one of the other buildings.

Locations of ProShred Security Consoles

  • There are three security consoles in the Anderson Hall.
  • There are three security consoles in the Gladfelter Hall lobby behind the guard desk and under the building directory.
  • There are three security consoles in Weiss Hall on the 6th floor in the rear hallway.
  • There is one security console in the CLA Academic Advising Center on the 3rd floor of 1810 Liacouras Walk near the front desk.
  • There is one security console in the Economics Department on the 8th floor of Ritter Annex near the Chair’s office.
  • At this time there is no security console in the University Services Building or at the Ambler Campus.

If you are looking to dispose of more materials then the weekly pickup of the ProShred boxes can handle, special arrangements can be made. Please contact to make such arrangements.