Welcome to the Personality and Social Development Research Laboratory at Temple University

How do children become the unique individuals that they are? This is a question that we have been attempting to answer in a variety of ways in a variety of projects here at Temple in the Personality and Social Development Research laboratory.

Researchers in our lab take as a working proposition that who we are develops from what we bring to the world at birth. Who we are continues to develop in complex ways as we make sense of our varied experiences in the world.

Earlier projects in the laboratory studied the affects of children’s differential relationships with their mothers and their fathers, how children come to adopt gender-typed roles, how children respond to strangers, and how children learn to cope with short-term separations and their effects on the child’s developing personality.

More recent projects in our lab examine how various experiences with people outside their family can affect children’s personality and social development. Three related projects are currently running in our laboratory: The NICHD Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development, the evaluation of the One Book Every Young Child literacy initiative, and research with the Universities Children’s’ Policy Collaborative.

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The NICHD Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development: www.temple.edu/seccyd/,


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