Jason Chein, PhD was awarded the Lindback Foundation award. Below is the blurb from the Faculty Awards Luncheon Program:

Jason Chein, Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
College of Liberal Arts
Teresa Scott Soufas, Dean

Associate professor of psychology in the College of Liberal Arts, Jason Chein is a highly respected and admired teacher, mentor and researcher. In the classroom, he is an engaging and innovative professor who looks for new ways to explain difficult concepts and engage his students. Chein is exceptional at communicating the intricacies of complex topics, such as cognition, human-brain imaging and neuroscience, in a motivating and easily digestible way. Highly regarded by his students for exceptional quality, sophisticated teaching and dynamism, Chein cares deeply about his students’ learning. His efficacy in pedagogy is demonstrated by the success of his students, many of whom have gone to highly prestigious graduate programs and received noteworthy awards. Chein is an active, funded researcher whose lab provides a fertile training ground for undergraduate and graduate students hoping to pursue a career in research. As a mentor, he supervises many students involved in independent and collaborative research projects. Chein, who joined Temple in 2006 as assistant professor of psychology, received his BA degree from Temple. He earned his PhD in cognitive psychology from the University of Pittsburgh in 2004 and was a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton.