PSC Temple

Psychological Services Center (PSC)

The PSC offers psychotherapy and assessment, including neuropsychological assessment, to individuals, couples and families of all ages on a sliding fee scale. Intake clinicians answer our telephone and are prepared not only to address any questions you have about our services but also to determine with you if we are well-suited to your needs. Our intake clinicians have a wealth of referral information available and can often help persons in need find the best treatment fit whether it is with us or another service. We can be reached via our website or by phone (215) 204-7100.

Adult Anxiety Clinic

AAC Temple The Adult Anxiety Clinic of Temple (AACT) is an internationally known center for the study of the nature and treatment of anxiety. The AACT currently offers diagnostic evaluation and empirically supported psychological treatment for adults with anxiety-related concerns, especially focusing on the treatment of persons with social anxiety disorder. Services are offered on a sliding fee scale after completion of a telephone screening to determine whether our services are a fit for your needs. For more information, please visit our website or call (215) 204-1575.

Child and Adolescent Anxiety Disorders Clinic (CAADC)

CAADC Temple The CAADC is an internationally renowned research and training clinic that offers assessment and cognitive-behavioral treatment of anxiety in youth ages 7 to 17 years. Common concerns of the youth who come to the CAADC include generalized worry, social anxiety, phobias, separation anxiety, panic symptoms, and anxiety-related school refusal. All services are provided by advanced doctoral students and supervised by licensed clinical psychologists. Daytime and evening appointments are available, and fees are based on a sliding scale. For further information or to complete a telephone screening to determine if our services fit your needs, please leave a voice message for our clinic coordinator at (215) 204-7165. For more information, please look at our website or download a CAADC brochure.