On May 20th, TUDOR graduate students held a celebration at Flambo Caribbean Restaurant to honor Linda Jenkins, our department coordinator, who has been with us for 44 years.

Linda has touched us all as a friend, mother, and counselor. Whether you needed someone who could wipe away your tears, hear your gripes, or give you chocolate; Linda was always there with a sassy smile making you feel like you can succeed no matter how hard things get. She gives without a second thought, she feeds graduate students who do not have money for lunch, and serves as a safe haven in times of emotional distress. Ms. Linda Jenkins is more than any one of us can know because she caters her care for each of us individually. She knows just what we all need, and always has our best interest at heart. She is our angel, our saint, and our bodhisattva. From all of us we say thank you for your time and love. Now it is time for you to rest easy and give to yourself what you selflessly gave to all of us.

Thank you Ms. Linda Jenkins!