Religion Graduate Student Association

As a student in the Religion Department, you are automatically a member of the Graduate Student Association (GSA). This is a free and voluntary association, which was organized to give support and a voice to graduate student concerns. By participating in the various facets of the GSA, you contribute to the life and shape of our department. We hope we can be of assistance to you during your time here at Temple and in the Department of Religion.

RELGSA Listserv

The RELGSA (Religion Graduate Students Association) Mailing List is for the exclusive use of the graduate students in the Temple University Department of Religion. This list is one of the main ways we communicate with each other, exchange information, and discuss issues pertaining to our department and programs. Subscription to the list is open to all current graduate students.

The current list administrator is Mohamed Hassan. If you have questions or wish to subscribe, send them to:

Guidelines and Policies for the RELGSA List:

  1. Subscription to the list is limited to current graduate students in the Temple University Department of Religion. All requests for subscription are made through the list administrator, who must confirm your enrollment in the department. You may request to be removed from this list at any time by contacting the administrator. Students who graduate or leave the department can stay on the list for up to three months following their departure.
  2. This list is strictly confidential! Do not forward by email or hard copy messages posted to this list to anyone who is not on this list. Do not discuss issues from this list with anyone not subscribed to the list. Do not distribute the email addresses of list subscribers to anyone not on the list. Violations of the confidentiality policy will be met by a six month suspension from the list on the first offense, and a permanent ban from the list for subsequent offenses.
  3. No flames. Please keep discussion on this list civil and respectful. We recognize that we often address emotional issues and that discussion may, at times, become heated. However, “flaming” is not permitted. Flaming includes: personal attacks, name-calling, and vulgar language. If you believe someone is flaming another list subscriber, politely call it to their attention. If the situation continues, contact the list administrator. Violations of the flaming policy will be met first with a public warning; second with a three-month suspension from the list; and third with a permanent ban from the list.
  4. Make sure your subject line reflects the content of the message. It is recommended that you begin your subject line with [GSA], so that people on multiple lists can identify from which list the post originated. A further descriptive phrase should reflect the content of the message. Examples:Subject: [GSA] AAR Call for Papers
    Subject: [GSA] Meeting cancellation
    Subject: [GSA] German tutor needed
  5. The RELGSA list is intended for administrative purposes pertaining to our involvement and representation in the Department of Religion. Please keep other discussions to a minimum. It is fine to post things such as:
    1. Requests for information, resources, or advice
    2. Announcements of lectures, events, calls for papers, or jobs that you believe are relevant to the list as a whole
    3. Minutes from department committee meetings, and responses to/questions about these
    4. Strategizing about department policies and issues
    5. Information about departmental and graduate student gatherings. Extended conversations about personal work may begin on the list, but should be continued privately between the interested parties. For example, there is a separate listserv for students interested in discussing issues in American Religious History. You are welcome to set up other topic-specific listservs through Temple’s Information Technology office.
  6. Similarly, please refrain from posting articles, stories, jokes, petitions, political announcements, et cetera, unless the topic directly relates to issues under discussion on the list. If you think others on the list may be interested in these materials, you may post a note telling them where to find them or stating your willingness to forward something to them privately. The following types of postings are strictly prohibited from the list:
    1. Chain letters
    2. Pyramid schemes
    3. Bogus virus warnings
    4. Any message which could contribute to illegal activity, including but not limited to invasion of privacy, stalking, harassing, or doing bodily harm to another person.Violations may be met with warnings or suspension from subscription to the list.
  7. Read posts carefully before responding. Because we conduct complex discussion on issues of importance, mis-readings can have profound consequences. It is also a good idea to read all relevant messages before you respond, so that you do not repeat a point already made.
  8. Use caution when replying to a message. Remember that when you hit the Reply key, your reply immediately goes to everyone subscribed to the list, and not just the sender. It can be embarrassing for both sender and intended recipient to have private mail posted to everyone!