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"Temple sociology equips graduate students with the skills to succeed in both teaching and research, and provides a variety of opportunities for developing other professional skills. Its strong ties to the city of Philadelphia make Temple a great context for studying sociology."

Melody Boyd, Temple Ph.D. 2010
Assistant Professor
The College of Brockport-SUNY

What We Do

Temple sociology offers you the chance to acquire the skills you need to navigate these challenging times. We seek highly motivated students for our masters and doctoral programs. To learn more about our program offerings, our emphases in race & ethnicity, gender & sexuality, and urban & globalization, check out our newsletter, watch this short video or read more...


We also seek undergraduates willing to be rigorously trained in theories and methods of social analysis, to be equipped for success in fields like business, education, law, community organizing, and for those who enroll in our sociology of health track, a wide range of health professions. Read more...


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