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Sociology is the scientific study of social behaviors, structures and institutions. Why do societies differ so much across time and around the world? Why are some social problems so persistent? Why do individuals with similar skills and talents have such different opportunities in life? Many disciplines ask these questions, but sociology answers them with scientific methods and sophisticated theories, all with a focus on social change and improving public policy.

We are saddened by the passing of our beloved professor, David Allen. He passed away June 8, 2017. He will be greatly missed by his students, colleagues, and friends at Temple University.

Temple sociology offers you the chance to acquire the skills you need to navigate these challenging times. We seek undergraduates willing to be rigorously trained in theories and methods of social analysis, to be equipped for success in fields like business, education, law, community organizing, and for those who enroll in our sociology of health track, a wide range of health professions. We also seek highly motivated students for our master’s and doctoral programs.

For further information regarding sociology requirements and to make an appointment with a sociology advisor, contact the undergraduate coordinator at 215-204-1494.

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Tailor your coursework to fit your specific interests and career path. Sociology majors can choose to specialize in one of the world's most pressing public or social issues.

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Our highly accomplished professors have received accolades for both their research and award-winning teaching.

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We offer a series of research methods courses — both quantitative and qualitative — that will equip you with the hard analytical skills that employers desire.