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Ten Things Sociology Majors Should Know about Getting through the Major

  1. You may not count a GENED course toward the major, even if it is offered through the sociology department.

  2. A prerequisite for any Sociology 3000 or 4000 level course is a lower level sociology course.

  3. Sociology majors must take three methods courses: SOC 3201: Statistical Methods in Sociology, SOC 3261: Research Design and Methods, and an advanced methods course, either SOC 4002: Data Analysis or SOC 4001: Qualitative Research. Students must take both SOC 3201: Statistical Methods in Sociology and SOC 3261: Research Design and Methods PRIOR to taking either of the advanced methods courses.

  4. Sociology majors in the health track must take three health related sociology courses. Advising sheets designate health related courses and they are listed with the second digit of 5 in the course number. Typically, two health related courses are offered each semester.

  5. All sociology majors must take SOC 3396: Development of Sociological Thought and SOC 4096: Senior Seminar. Sociology majors will fulfill their writing intensive requirements for their major by taking these courses.

  6. To make sure you are getting the most out of the sociology program and are most likely to graduate when you desire, you should speak with one of the Sociology Undergraduate Advisors. To make an appointment, call Catherine Staples at 215-204-1494 or email her at

  7. You may take sociology courses outside of Temple University for credit toward your major only if they are approved prior to your taking the course. To acquire approval, submit the course description, level and approval form to Coordinator Catherine Staples ( You may be asked for more information.

  8. Juniors and seniors with a GPA of 3.0 or above may take an independent study course in sociology only after they have made prior arrangements with a faculty member who agrees to supervise the independent study. Students taking an independent study course must fill out a contract form (available in the main office) that is signed by both the student and the faculty member. The student may register for the independent study only after signing the contract.

  9. SUMMA is the Sociology Undergraduate Majors and Minors Association. To find out more about how to get involved, contact the undergraduate chair.

  10. Students are urged to pay particular attention to the requirements they need to fulfill to graduate and to preregister for these courses. These courses often fill quickly and there is absolutely no guarantee that you will be allowed in any of them once they are filled. Register for these courses as early as possible.

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