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Eugene Ericksen

Professor Emeritus



  • PhD, University of Michigan
  • MA, University of Michigan


areas of expertise

courses i teach

  • Statistical Methods in Sociology
  • Survey Research Methods
  • Data Analysis
  • Sociology of the Environment

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I came to Temple in 1970 to be the sampling statistician at the Institute for Survey Research.  I joined the Sociology Department in 1974 and proceeded to divide my time between the university and outside consulting. For the last 25 years, I have been a special consultant at NERA Economic Consulting where I work on projects involving surveys, statistical sampling, and demographic analysis. In 1991, I joined the Statistics Department and held a joint appointment there until my retirement from the university in June 2010.

For the last several years before my retirement, I taught a combined undergraduate/graduate course in statistics, the graduate course in data analysis, an undergraduate course on the sociology of the environment as well as various methodological seminars for the graduate students. These courses did a pretty good job of reflecting my research interests which also include studies of race and urban life. I worked hard at challenging the students, reflecting President Obama's call to improve our performance in science and technology.

As far as research goes, I am probably best known for the studies I did on census undercount. I have written a series of reports and articles in statistical journals as well as providing expert testimony in lawsuits attempting to compel an adjustment for the racially differential undercount.  


recent publications


"How Much Does that Medication Cost? A Study of Medicare Beneficiaries' Knowledge of Out-of-Pocket Costs for Prescription Drugs on the Specialty Tier." With Melissa Pittaoulis (forthcoming).

"Errors in the Census." 2010. In Encyclopedia of the United States Census. Congressional Quarterly Press, Sage.


"Using Non-Probability Samples for Confusion Surveys: Mall Intercepts and the Internet." (2009). Survey Practice


"Sexuality Research Methods." (2009). In Concise Encyclopedia of Sociology, George Ritzer and J. Michael Ryan, editors (with Julia Ericksen).


"Complex Sampling for Litigation." (2009). NERA Economic Consulting White Paper, July 14.  Link to article here.


"Census Goals: Management Choices and Prospects for Accuracy," (2009). Public Performance and Management Review, 33:148-165.










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