Photo of Kimberly

Kimberly Goyette

Chair & Professor; Director of the Center for Vietnamese Philosophy, Culture, and Society

I have been interested in how education works to both reinforce inequalities and provide opportunities since my transition from a public high school in a small town to an Ivy League university. Most of my research focuses on how social background and race shape educational experiences. For example, my dissertation concerned variation in how Asian American students negotiate the transition from high school to college. My recent work has focused on whether social background and occupational expectations account for rising college expectations over time, and how social background relates to application behaviors and choice of college majors.

In related projects, I’m also looking at how race affects the elementary and secondary schools families choose for their children, and the implications that these choices may have for racial residential segregation. In the years to come, I’ll be beginning research on higher education in Southeast Asia. I’m interested in how increasing privatization and internationalization of universities in these countries affects access to postsecondary education and the fields of study available.