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Graduate Chair:  Professor Dustin Kidd · (215) 204-6850 ·

Graduate Coordinator:  Pamela Smallwood · (215) 204-7750 ·

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Temple University's Graduate Program in Sociology is devoted to the training of research scholars and educators in the discipline. Students have a variety of career goals, ranging from academic research and teaching to research and administration in private or public agencies.


The Department offers two distinct programs of study in sociology:

  • The Master's Program provides advanced training in sociological theory, statistics, and research methods.
  • The Doctoral Program concentrates on three main subfields of sociology described below to prepare students for research and teaching in academic settings and for advanced work in applied research settings. The program allows students some flexibility in developing additional specialty areas.

The main areas of graduate research are race & ethnicity, gender & sexuality, urban sociology, medical sociology, and globalization & immigration.

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